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15 July
#05 Baekho's Birthday
Tell us what do you love about Baekho!

You could send in reasons on why you love the NU'EST vocalist, send a shout-out to him, share your thoughts and opinions of him and of course, your congratulatory message to him and we will consolidate everything into one special feature! Deadline for this discussion is on the 15th.
Korean Comeback
NU’EST announces Korean comeback to be on the 9th July. After a series of teasers, fans are awaiting more news for their first full-length album. Click to find out all posts on their impending comeback!
Project L.O.ㅅ.Es
And the top news of the month goes to...the L.O.ㅅ.Es-initiated project to trend #NUEST for their comeback teasers. In aim to show support for the boys, this very piece has gotten 92 notes thus far!
We're still
Are you up for the job?
NU’EST Newsletter is holding its first recruitment drive and we’re currently looking for:

Translators / News scouts / Journalists / PR specialists / any motivated L.O.ㅅ.E that wishes to lend a helping hand!
Anonymous said —
❝ Hi! Sorry, I just wanna ask about the bottle thing. What do you mean by bottle? Like a drinking bottle? Does it have anything in it? I'm not sure I understand what it's about, but I'd be glad to participate if it supports Nu'est. Sorry again and thanks for reading! ❞

Hi there,

Yes, a drinking bottle! Recently, this customized bottle - called MY BOTTLE - has been getting quite popular in Korea, and in various parts of the world.

The 500ml bottles can store rather high temperatures, and fruits and can act as jars to be placed at home besides being a water bottle. It’s rather multi-functional depending on how you use it.^^

We will be customizing with our own designs that we will update with the first draft by tomorrow, so do look out for it!

As for whether there’s anything in it…well, you would have to purchase one to find out ;) However, we will not start ordering unless we are able to reach a certain quota, as shipping can be quite expensive. Please fill in the survey to help us find out the interest level, thank you!^^

With ♥
Admin A

[VIDEO] NU’EST Support Message For Charity Campaign (Eng Subbed)

Source: gayoung lim
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[VIDEO] KBS Safety First - Minhyun Cut

Source: JR thine
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[VIDEO] 140901 我愛偶像 NEWS: Interview with NU’EST

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NU’EST Interview on Idols of Asia to be Aired Today

Seems like there’s another NU’EST interview coming up on Taiwanese news program, Idols of Asia, set to broadcast on 1 Sep. Fans might remember of the boys’ previous interview with Idols of Asia’s host, Ken a couple weeks back when the team was in Korea. 

Fans can tune in to the channel MTV TW if you have it available! The program will be aired at 7PM local time, so remember to mark it down on your to-do-list for the day.

Minhyun Makes An Appearance On MBC Picnic Live With Son Dambi

NU’EST member Minhyun recently made his appearance on the episode featuring senior Son Dambi on MBC Picnic Live. The music program focus on bringing various singer featured for the day to smaller and cosy venues to meet and perform songs in front of their fans, with a live band on the set. 

On the episode, Minhyun appeared around the 30-minute mark and performed a duet with the female singer. 

The video is expected to be uploaded on MBC’s official Youtube account, and is currently available on their official website by VOD (charges apply for both streaming and downloading). 

Meanwhile, enjoy the few glimpses of Minhyun on their Facebook album!

Source: MBC Music

[VIDEO] 131115 NU’EST @ RainbowTownFM: Christmas Greetings

Source: christy. channel (クリスティー.チャンネル)
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[VIDEO] 140530 NU’EST @ RainbowTownFM: Interview with Christy

Source: christy. channel (クリスティー.チャンネル)
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[VIDEO] TV Spot 30s: NU’EST In Chile

Source: TSK Entertainment
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[!] Survey on bottles!

Dear L.O.ㅅ.Es,

We’re planning on creating a funding project for NU’EST Newsletter, where we will be selling customized bottles at a fixed rate. All profits (of about 5 dollars after shipping) would be kept as a fund for future projects.

Please help us complete this mini survey, as we wish to find out how many people are keen on this project. 

All results will be confidential (no filling of name, ID and contact details either, so no worries).

For a start, 5 bottles will be sent to the boys (and perhaps a couple more to the staff to thank them for their hard work and taking care of NU’EST) along with a list of people who purchased the bottle.

Please help to spread the word on this, thank you!

With ♥
Admin A