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15 July
#05 Baekho's Birthday
Tell us what do you love about Baekho!

You could send in reasons on why you love the NU'EST vocalist, send a shout-out to him, share your thoughts and opinions of him and of course, your congratulatory message to him and we will consolidate everything into one special feature! Deadline for this discussion is on the 15th.
Korean Comeback
NU’EST announces Korean comeback to be on the 9th July. After a series of teasers, fans are awaiting more news for their first full-length album. Click to find out all posts on their impending comeback!
Project L.O.ㅅ.Es
And the top news of the month goes to...the L.O.ㅅ.Es-initiated project to trend #NUEST for their comeback teasers. In aim to show support for the boys, this very piece has gotten 92 notes thus far!
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NU’EST Re-opens Official Homepage

Screencaps of the homepage, showing the winner of the fan submission (@Haaamo) and official group photos of the boys from their first album to the last.

For a long while the NU’EST official homepage was under renovation, with fans seeking the Fancafe for updates. However, for many international fans, joining the Fancafe might prove to be a difficult and perhaps daunting task if you have little knowledge of Hangul.

Now, L.O.ㅅ.Es with or without a Fancafe ID can easily glance at the boys’ updated schedules, events, notices, gallery and official videos at the newly makeover website!

For fans with a Fancafe ID, do not forgot to drop by daily to check in your attendance - after all, Fancafes are an unofficial mark of an artistes’ popularity.

 Have you checked out the homepage yet?

Source: Homepage / NUESTNEWS

[VIDEO] 140917 MBC Weekly Idol - NU’EST & FIESTAR

Source: FiingyLive
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[TV리포트=김가영 기자] ‘주간아이돌’ 정형돈이 스태프를 뉴이스트 사생으로 오해해 웃음을 안겼다.

Stay Tuned To NU’EST’s Appearance On This Week’s MBC Weekly Idol!

NU’EST will finally make an appearance on MBC’s programme Weekly Idol, hosted by Jung Hyungdon and Defconn, together with girl group FIESTAR. This marks both groups second appearance since 2012; NU’EST had appeared together with Hello Venus, while FIESTAR recorded their episode with SPICA.

Anticipation has been rising since the official announcement made on MBC Weekly Idol’s official Twitter, announcing the battle of the sexes between the two groups.

This episode is scheduled to be broadcast tomorrow, 17 Sep at 1800 hours KST.

It is interesting to note that MBC Weekly Idol has also been one of the top three programmes voted by fans in a previous survey for television programmes they think the boys would do well in. 

Who’s ready to root for them in this battle?

Source: MBC Weekly Idol
NU’EST Confirms Appearance For NU’EST Autumn Live 2014 in Japan, More Details To Follow

NU’EST official Japanese Twitter has confirmed the boys’ appearance for the NU’EST Autumn Live 2014 (tentative title) to be held on 17 Oct. Details are currently in midst of being confirmed, so do check back for more information on the official Twitter account.

Original tweet:


Based on the events page by the organizer, SOIREE CLUB, these are the tentative details (subject to change).

(Current) DETAILS

Event: NU’EST Autumn Live 2014
Date & Time: 17 Oct (Friday), 1830 hours JST
Venue: Nakano Sun Plaza
Tickets: ¥7900 (assigned seats)

A high-touch event will take place at the end of the event, while Japanese FC L.O.ㅅ.Es will get a priority ticket application between 17 Sep - 27 Sep; for this application, seats will be assigned by balloting.

For more information, please visit the website and stay tune for updates.


[VIDEO] LOVE Story Season 5 - EP 3

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NU’EST x MyMusicTaste Confirms Two Stop For Europe Tour

Seems like the initial rumours of NU’EST in Romania are true, as NU’EST will be stepping foot in the Europe region with MyMusicTaste!

Thus far, two concerts has been made for the NU’EST Re:SPONSE tour, with the boys heading to Bucharest, Romania (29 Nov) and Milan, Italy (30 Nov). 

MyMusicTaste is an events organizing site that aims to make your dream concert come true by bringing your favourite artiste to a place around you. With the tagline ‘Stop Wishing, Start Making’, follow four simple steps and perhaps you’d get the chance to bring the boys to your country!

MyMusicTaste has since organized Lunafly’s European tour as well as the World DJ Festival 2014 in South Korea.

Dear L.O.ㅅ.Es, have you started making or putting your TASTEs in the country of your choice yet? 

Source: MyMusicTaste


Source: m2t.tv
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NU’EST’s Global Fundraising Campaign for Disabled Children A Success, Reaches Twice The Target Amount

Previously, we’ve reported that NU’EST worked hand in hand with WEGEN for a fundraising campaign to support disable children. With the setup of an English page allowing international fans as well as Korean fans to send in their donations in support of NU’EST and the disabled children, the boys has successfully hit their goal of 2 million KRW.

Screencap taken off their list of campaigns

Not only did they manage to hit their target goal, it is worthy to note that the combined efforts of the fans had meant that the accumulated donations were double the original targeted amount, with a little over 4 million KRW when the donation drive ended two days ago.

The success of NU’EST’s WEGEN campaign has since been reported on Korean news site, TENAsia, which also mentions that donations were received in various parts of the world including L.O.ㅅ.Es from the South America and Europe region.

Fans had also been seen leaving support messages for the young child and her family.

It is definitely heartwarming to see fans pitching in to help others in need. Congrats to the boys for hitting their target amount, and we hope the amount of donations would be of some help to relieve the family’s’ financial burden for treatment.