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15 July
#05 Baekho's Birthday
Tell us what do you love about Baekho!

You could send in reasons on why you love the NU'EST vocalist, send a shout-out to him, share your thoughts and opinions of him and of course, your congratulatory message to him and we will consolidate everything into one special feature! Deadline for this discussion is on the 15th.
Korean Comeback
NU’EST announces Korean comeback to be on the 9th July. After a series of teasers, fans are awaiting more news for their first full-length album. Click to find out all posts on their impending comeback!
Project L.O.ㅅ.Es
And the top news of the month goes to...the L.O.ㅅ.Es-initiated project to trend #NUEST for their comeback teasers. In aim to show support for the boys, this very piece has gotten 92 notes thus far!
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For those who’ve made your orders, please send in your payment by 4 Oct. Payment for shipping can only be calculated once we have the bottles as we can finally measure the exact weight.

We’re also taking the last orders (till 4 Oct), so interested L.O.ㅅ.Es (in SG and worldwide), please fill in the order form and send it to nuestnewsletter@outlook.com with the title: Bottled Love Order

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NU’EST x yaca Collection Now Opened For Pre-Orders

The special collection from NU’EST x yaca collaboration is finally opned for pre-orders today! The collaboration ring is inspired by NU’EST’s Japanese debut single ‘Shalala Ring’, and yaca states that the collection is perfect for this holiday season. 

The pre-orders of the rings also come with a special NU’EST feature: the first 50 pre-orders for the individual Initial Color Ring will get a NU’EST member autograph (presumably of the corresponding member), and pre-orders of the Shalala Ring comes with a ‘proposal message’ (random member).

The scheduled reservation period lasts till mid-November, with the rings expected to be shipped beginning in mid-December.

For more information, check out their webpage over here, where details in English are also available. The rings are available for pre-order worldwide.

In related news, NU’EST completed their performance at GirlsAward 2014, where After School’s Nana and Kaeun also appeared as a guest model.

Source: yaca official
M-ON! TV To Broadcast NU’EST JAPAN TOUR 2014 ~ONE L.O.Λ.E~ Performances

Photo credits: nuestalwaysandforever

Japanese television programme M-ON! TV will be broadcasting a NU’EST special, featuring clips from JAPAN TOUR 2014~ONE L.O.Λ.E~ (Tokyo concert) and behind the scenes footage!

The first broadcast will be on 28 Sep at 1800-1900 hours JST. Repeated broadcast will be aired on 30 Oct, 1300-14:00 hours JST.

Tune in if you can!

Source: NUEST JP / M-ON! TV

L.O.ㅅ.E Letter 140924: More updates from Minhyun in Chile

Minhyun keeps up with consistent updates in the Fancafe, this time showing a selca shot with fellow member JR in Chile.

Original words:





It’s cooling

Currently, the boys are in Brazil preparing for their last leg of the Latin America Tour.

Source: Fancafe
NU’EST’s 2nd Anniversary Live SHOWTIME2 DVD Tops Tower Records Online Sales Chart

Photo credits: NU'EST JP

More great news for NU’EST, as it was recently revealed that they’ve topped Tower Records' overall online sales chart with the release of their 2nd Anniversary Live SHOWTIME2 DVD!

NU’EST will be having a special fan meet and greet session with fans through balloting for the release of 2nd Anniversary Love SHOWTIME2 DVD, to beheld on the 13th. Meanwhile, fans can purchase the DVD online at sites such as Sony Music ShopAmazon JPRakuten and YesAsia

In related news, NU’EST will be holding it’s last concert of the Latin America tour in Brazil tomorrow.

Congratulations to the boys!

Source: NU'EST JP
NU’EST To Appear On Public Live Broadcast Of ‘Annyeong Korea’

In light of Centrair 10th anniversary x Tokai Radio 55th anniversary, a series of public live radio programmes has been planned over three consecutive days; NU’EST will be making an appearance on Tokai Radio’s ’Annyeong Korea’, hosted by Yamaguchi Yuri, in a ‘NU’EST Special’.


Event: Annyeong Korea!: NU’EST Special
Date & Time: 11 Oct (Sat), 1400 hours JST (1st segment) and 1530 JST (2nd segment, mini live)
Venue: Central Japan International Airport Centrair 4F Event Plaza
Tickets: Free admission

Besides a live radio segment, NU’EST will also be performing live!

Do remember to head down and show your support if you’re in the area!

Source: NU'EST JP / Tokai Radio

[Re:SPONSE Tour] NU’EST In Italy - Tickets Sales Start Later Today

Brought to you by KpopItalia and MyMusicTaste, NU’EST will be performing in Milan, Italy as their second stop of their Re:SPONSE Tour.


Event: Re:SPONSE Europe Tour: Milan, Italy
Date & Time: 30 Nov 2014, doors open 1800 hours (GMT+2), concert start 1900 hours, fansign 2130 hours.
Venue: MAGAZZINI GENERALI Via Pietrasanta 16 (Zona Ripamonti), Milano
Tickets: Standard 45€, Early Entry 75€, Fansign 120€, Fansign+Early Entry 150€
*Tickets can be purchased here or offline in these stores (starting 24 Sep, 1630 hours, GMT+2)

Remember to set an alarm to grab the fansign tickets!

Anticipation is high for the remaining stops on the Re:SPONSE Europe Tour, with the following cities leading the votes: Warsaw, Poland; Budapest, Hungary; Helsinki, Finland; Paris, France; and Frankfurt, Germany.

Source: KpopItalia

[Re:SPONSE Tour] NU’EST In Romania - Confirmed!

Pledis will be working with MyMusicTaste to bring NU’EST to Europe, and the first stop is non other than Romania, Bucharest!


Event: Re:SPONSE Europe Tour: Romania, Bucharest
Date & Time: 29 Nov 2014, 1900 hours GMT+3
Venue: Arenele Romane
Tickets: Regular (100 RON), VIP (150 RON), Fansign (250 RON)
Tickets can be purchased here.

The fansign tickets are said to be snapped up quickly, but fans can still grab your tickets for the concert,

Kompas Events, the organizer of the concert in Romania, is currently holding a special K-POP Cover Contest, where the winner will be invited to open for NU’EST concert! The contest details could be found over here, registration by 23 November.

Meanwhile, MyMusicTaste has announced that they will likely be adding 1-2 stops for the tour, and the top five cities with the highest votes are: Warsaw, Poland; Budapest, Hungary; Helsinki, Finland; Paris, France; and Frankfurt, Germany.

Source: Kompas Events / dochiandreea (trans)

[VIDEO] NU’EST Autumn Live: Message

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[VIDEO] NU’EST shoutout to Etc TV (Chilean TV)

Source: SuperEtctv
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