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15 July
#05 Baekho's Birthday
Tell us what do you love about Baekho!

You could send in reasons on why you love the NU'EST vocalist, send a shout-out to him, share your thoughts and opinions of him and of course, your congratulatory message to him and we will consolidate everything into one special feature! Deadline for this discussion is on the 15th.
Korean Comeback
NU’EST announces Korean comeback to be on the 9th July. After a series of teasers, fans are awaiting more news for their first full-length album. Click to find out all posts on their impending comeback!
Project L.O.ㅅ.Es
And the top news of the month goes to...the L.O.ㅅ.Es-initiated project to trend #NUEST for their comeback teasers. In aim to show support for the boys, this very piece has gotten 92 notes thus far!
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[VIDEO] Minhyun & Ren with Designer Kwak Hyunjoo for SFW

Source: TRENDY
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❝ Who is their Japanese agency? ❞

Hi there,

They’re under Ariola Japan, a subsidiary of Sony Music Japan.

According to Wikipedia, the company supposedly co-manage One Day (2PM/2AM), while some of the artistes on their official webpage includes MISIA and Ken Hirai.^^

With ♥
Admin A

[VIDEO] Minhyun & Ren at Kwak Hyunjoo Collection, 2015 S/S SFW

Source: SSTVnews
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NU’EST Will Perform At FM AICHI Special Public Recording

More events for NU’EST lined up in Japan, as the boys are scheduled to perform at FM AICHI’s special public recording.


Radio Programme: Yano Kiyomi’s Music Happy Gathering (野きよ実の音楽 無礼講)
Date & Time: 3 Nov, 1200 hours (door open), 1300 hours (start)
Venue: Nagashima Spa Land “Super Dome” special stage
Host: Yano kiyomi

While admission to the Super Dome is free, members of the public are required to purchase a Spa Land ticket to enter the venue.

Besides local boy band BOYS AND MEN, K-pop group CODE-V will also be performing on this special live event.

Source: NUEST JP Official / FM AICHI
NU’EST To Perform For Tokai University’s 60th Anniversary Festival

In light of Tokai University’s 60th year since its founded, NU’EST is invited to make a special appearance at the school’s anniversary festival!


Event: Tokai University 60th Anniversary
Date & Time: 1 Nov, 1600 hours (door open), 1700 hours (start)
Venue: Tokai University Shonan Campus Gymnasium

Admission is free and more details are to follow.

Seems like November’s going to be a busy month for the boys with Shalala Ring promotions and the Europe tour!

Source: NUEST JP Official / Tokai University
NU’EST To Appear On SORA x NIWA Radio

NU’EST is scheduled to make an appearance on two SORA x NIWA Radio programmes to promote their single, Shalala Ring.


Radio Programme: Happy Style
Date & Time: 5 Nov, 1300-1430 hours
Venue: SORA x NIWA FM at Harajuku 
Host: Michibata Angelica

Radio Programme: Sky and Garden and Chanmomo◎ [空と庭とちゃんもも◎と]
Date & Time: 5 Nov, 1600-1700 hours
Venue: SORA x NIWA FM at Harajuku 

Host: Chanmomo◎

Fans can tune in to the program live online through PC or smartphone. The radio recording will also be an open event - tickets and more information will be released on a nearer date.

In related news, NU’EST is currently back in Korea, and members Minhyun and Ren are scheduled to walk the runway for designer Kwak Hyunjoo later today at Seoul Fashion Week.

Source: NUEST JP Official / SORA x NIWA
NU’EST To Perform ‘Flying Angel’ For The First Time At Shalala Ring Single Release Mini Live Event


NU’EST will be performing ‘Flying Angel' live for the first time at their Shalala Ring single-release event held on 8 Nov and 9 Nov in Tokyo and Osaka respectively.

Original words:

11/8(土)東京DiverCity 、11/9(日)大阪あべのキューズモール、日本デビューシングル「Shalala Ring」リリースイベントミニライブにてc/w曲「Flying Angel」パフォーマンス初披露決定!お見逃しなく!nuestjapan.com/shalalaring/

The single release events will include a mini live and high-touch; there will be three sessions on each day. 


Date: 8 Nov
Venue: Tokyo.DiverCity 2F, Festival Square
Sessions: (1) 1100 hours, Mini Live & High Touch
(2) 1400 hours, Mini Live, High Touch, Shalala Ring proposal and gift event (ballot winners)
(3) 1700 hours, Mini Live & High Touch

Date: 9 Nov
Venue: Osaka Abeno Kyuzumoru 3F, Sky Court
Sessions: (1) 1200 hours, Mini Live & High Touch
(2) 1500 hours, Mini Live, High Touch, Shalala Ring proposal and gift event (ballot winners)
(3) 1800 hours, Mini Live & High Touch

The Mini Live event is open to public, but priority area admission tickets are only available for those with a High Touch pass. Applications for the pass can be found here.

Timing for events are subject to change, so check the official Twitter for more updates.

NU’EST Japanese debut single Shalala Ring will be released on 5 Nov, and will include title track Shalala Ring as well as Flying Angel.

Source: NUEST JP Official

L.O.ㅅ.E Letter 141017: Minhyun Shares A Cheesy Message While Missing Fans

The NU’EST vocalist recently updated the Fancafe with a cheesy screenshot while greeting the fans.

Original words:

[잘지내는가 다들]

보고싶구려 허허♡3♡

In the photo: 
"만일 네가 100 살까기 산다면,
나는 100에서 하루 덜 살고 싶어.
난 너 없이는 하루도 살 수 없으니까”


[Have everyone been well]

I miss you guys hoho♡3♡

In the photo: 
"If you happen to live for 100 years,
I want to live for one day less than a 100 years.
Because I can’t live a day without you”

Meanwhile the boys have been spotted at Haneda airport, so it’s likely that they will be returning to Korea for a short break before embarking on their Shalala Ring promotions and Europe tour in November.

Source: Fancafe
[!] L.O.ㅅ.E Discussion #07: What do you L.O.ㅅ.E about Ren?

It’s been a while since this corner last appeared, but in light of Ren’s upcoming birthday…

Tell us what do you love about Ren!

You could send in reasons on why you love the cute maknae, send a shout-out to him, share your thoughts and opinions of him and of course, your congratulatory message to him and we will consolidate everything into one special feature! 

Deadline for this discussion is on 29 Oct.

Also, do let us know if you’ve heard of any group doing a special event to celebrate his birthday because we would love to cover it as well!

How to participate:


For this special event, we will try to cover most, if not all entries in the write-up, credits/names attached.

Please send in your messages, dear L.O.ㅅ.Es!

[VIDEO] NU’EST x MyMusicTaste - Re:SPONSE EUROPE TOUR Greeting

Source: m2t.tv
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