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EST. 20 April 2014 |
15 July
#05 Baekho's Birthday
Tell us what do you love about Baekho!

You could send in reasons on why you love the NU'EST vocalist, send a shout-out to him, share your thoughts and opinions of him and of course, your congratulatory message to him and we will consolidate everything into one special feature! Deadline for this discussion is on the 15th.
Korean Comeback
NU’EST announces Korean comeback to be on the 9th July. After a series of teasers, fans are awaiting more news for their first full-length album. Click to find out all posts on their impending comeback!
Project L.O.ㅅ.Es
And the top news of the month goes to...the L.O.ㅅ.Es-initiated project to trend #NUEST for their comeback teasers. In aim to show support for the boys, this very piece has gotten 92 notes thus far!
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[VIDEO] MBC Show Champion 140723 - Good Bye Bye

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[VIDEO]  NU’EST Shout-out to Officially Kmusic 

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After School’s E-Young and Ka Eun and NU’EST’s Min Hyun Cameo on “Trot Lovers”


After School’s E-Young and Ka Eun, along with NU’EST’s Min Hyun, had a surprise cameo in KBS2′s Monday-Tuesday drama “Trot Lovers” (aka “Lovers of Music“).

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[VIDEO] All Force One Hot & Cool: Mirror - Baekho [FANCAM]

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[VIDEO] All Force One Hot & Cool: One Man Show - Minhyun [FANCAM]

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NU’EST Minhyun To Make Guest Appearance On KBS2 Trot Lovers

NU’EST Minhyun is said to make a guest appearance on KBS drama Trot Lovers, starring Jung Eunji and Ji Hyun Woo

Just a couple minutes ago, NU’EST official Twitter announced that Minhyun will be making a special appearance on today’s episode of the drama.

Original tweet:

【NU’EST NOTICE】 140722 KBS2 월화드라마 트로트의 연인에 #뉴이스트 #민현  이 특별출연한다고 합니다!  드라마 속 민현이를 기대해주세요!!! #NUEST #GoodByeBye

Any L.O.ㅅ.Es a fan of Trot Lovers as well?

NU’EST Minhyun And Baekho Performed At All Force One Concert

NU’EST vocalists Minhyun and Baekho recently completed their guest featuring at All Force One: Hot & Cool hip-hop concert on the 20th. The boys’ relationship with hip-hop artiste JB went all back when JB wrote the lyrics to NU’EST’s hit track Hello.

The boys looked suave as they sang to Shine On My Life with JB; Baekho reportedly sang Mirror with JB, while Minhyun performed One Man Show with JB as well.

Group photo taken after the concert / Source: @mcRosse

Minhyun showed off his chic image with a matching black blazer and pants, while Baekho gave off a tough charm with a snap-back and casual tee.

Check out some of the available fancams taken by Valentine950809, JR Thine and BaekHome.

What do you think of this collaboration? 

Source: @mcRosse / @NUESTNEWS / BAEKHOME_com / JR Thine / Valentine950809
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[VIDEO] Mnet M!Countdown 140718 - Begin: 2014 New Summer Songs

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[VIDEO] All Force One Hot & Cool: Mirror - Baekho [FANCAM]

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